A JEHOVAH’S Witness from Ringwood broke down his step-son’s door with an axe during a row, a court heard.

Paul Kelly, of Crow Lane, used the weapon on the door of Damien Rogers’ bedroom after he barricaded himself in.

Kelly, 45, told police he was determined to get into the room so he could throw his stepson out after years of problems between the two.

Prosecutor Barnaby Shaw told Southampton Crown Court problems began between the pair when Kelly moved in with Mr Rogers’ mother four years ago.

But matters escalated when Mr Rogers discovered the cable to his computer had been cut by Kelly.

In retaliation Mr Rogers then cut the cable on his step-father’s television.

He knew the action would result in Kelly “going mental”, said Mr Shaw and so he barricaded himself into his bedroom using a chest of drawers pushed up against the door.

Kelly, who admitted affray, told police problems between them had arised because some of his step-son’s behaviour was contrary to Jehovah’s Witness beliefs.

He was sentenced to a 24-month community order with a requirement he attends a domestic violence programme and was ordered to pay £150 costs.