A DOG owner has warned others to be alert after her pet was attacked by a deer.

Ten-year-old dog Patsy survived the attack but owner Pauline Smith, of Hei-Lin Way, Ludgershall, wants people to be aware of the dangers of deer, especially during the breeding season.

She said: “I think that people should be aware. I have never had it happen and I have had dogs all of my life.”

Mrs Smith, a part-time carer, was walking Patsy and her daughter Nettie Ralph’s 19-month-old dog Eddie in nearby Collingbourne Woods on May 21 when the incident happened.

Although she did not see the attack she heard rescue dog Patsy, who she adopted four years ago, yelp and saw her walk back on three paws, unable to use her front leg. Mrs Smith, who has had a hip replacement, then carried Patsy 200 yards before phoning her daughter, who lives nearby, to ask for a lift to Foxcotte Vets.

Mrs Ralph said: “Patsy lay down and looked like she was giving up as her eyes were closing but I kept talking to her and when we got to the vets it’s as if she knew she was going to get better.”

Initially it was thought that Patsy had impaled herself on a stick, until deer hair was found underneath the skin.

“The cut had missed her jugular but it was very, very close,” said Mrs Ralph. “When the vet opened her up they found the exit wound of an antler, which revealed her ribs. Patsy was lucky it hadn’t pierced her lungs.”

Mrs Smith added: “She was basically skinned. She is a very lucky, tough dog.”

Patsy was operated on straight away and kept in overnight, with vet bills coming to £625. Mrs Smith has had to foot the bill herself as she was unable to insure Patsy due to a pre-existing condition.

The next day, the cherished pet was allowed home with a drain inserted in her chest, which she wore for a week. Stitches from the dog’s neck to her lower stomach stayed in for two weeks.

Mrs Smith said: “I didn’t think I was going to have a dog the next day.”