VISITORS to Salisbury City centre this week may notice something a little bit different about the statue of Henry Fawcett in the Market Place.

The statue was adorned with knitted decorations by a group calling itself the Ninja Knitters, marking Worldwide Yarn Bomb Day.

Yarnbombing involves the decoration of free standing objects in public places with knitted, woven or crocheted items to highlight an issue or simply put a smile on people’s faces.

A spokesman for the Ninja Knitters said: “We are a community arts project. We love Salisbury and want to make it a better, more colourful and more creative place to live.

“We wanted to decorate the statue of Henry Fawcett to celebrate the contribution that he made to the women’s suffrage movement.”

The statue was decorated with a sash in the green, white and violet of the suffrage movement.

A spokesman for Salisbury City Council said it will probably be removed if it starts to look worn but it has no major objections and it taking the new décor in the spirit it was intended.