ALIENS invading Salisbury may sound farfetched but according to new research, if extra-terrestrials do one day take over the UK they’ll be heading straight for the city.

Salisbury has been listed in the top three UK cities most likely to be attacked by aliens, with only London and Scarborough above it in a study carried out by the UFO Investigation & Research Unit.

The research says aliens would target the city because of its “proximity to influential military and research bases”. In writing the report, the authors evaluated criteria such as UFO sightings, military presence and government infrastructure.

And as a result of their findings, the authors behind the white paper are calling for steps to be taken to help protect those most at risk.

Phil Hoyle, head of the UFO Investigation & Research Unit, said: “The risk is very real, with UFO sightings increasing each year.

“The Government needs to be vigilant and introduce measures that ensure the public’s safety.

“They have a right to be prepared for the inevitable and this research demonstrates a threat that is potentially on their doorstep.”

Unsurprisingly, London is classed as the number one ‘invasion hotspot’ as it houses central Government, is home to 12 per cent of the UK population and contains vital communication and transport infrastructure.

Less predictable though is Scarborough and Salisbury taking positions two and three.

But it’s down to Scarborough being situated next to the UK’s main defence against any impending ballistic attack and Salisbury’s location by key military and research bases such as Porton Down, Boscombe Down and Salisbury Plain.

And in case you’re thinking of moving home, the report says the safest places to live are Fort William, Carlisle and Ludlow, due to factors that include their low population and natural environment.

The research was produced in partnership with the non-profit organisation, UFO Investigation & Research Unit and was commissioned for the launch of a video game called Inversion, which sees the world turned upside down after alien invaders seek to exterminate humanity.