Wiltshire Council has approved a planning application for a new church to be built in Amesbury.

The church is proposed by the Living Grace Ministry, a faith group that purchased the land adjacent to The Bowman Centre on Shears Drive to accommodate their expanding community.

The faith group included their mission statement in the application, which states that they aim “to equip believers through discipleship and the showing of God’s Love” and “to reach out to the world with Jesus Christ through obedience to the great commission.”

Living Grace Ministry report increasing membership from individuals affiliated with the armed forces and therefore require bigger premises.

The plans have been a few years in the making. 

The proposal, which includes a day-care nursery in the same building, was originally sent to the council in 2021 and was controversial among local people.

A resident commented: “What a crazy idea to put a church on pretty much the only bit of substantial greenery we have in the area, not to mention the traffic flow which is already peaked, with people already parking their cars wherever they like...”

Amesbury Town Council officially objected to the application in August 2022.

The initial design was refused and has since been changed to appear less like a church and more like a community centre.

The application concludes: “The Living Grace Ministry want to form strong links to the local community, offer a much-needed service to your military families based in the area and expand the Christian fellowship of the group.”