A BEEKEEPING project, designed to help those with mental health conditions or disabilities, is ready to launch in Salisbury.

Set up by learning disability nurse and beekeeper Clare Sines, 'The Honey Bee Project' is inviting anyone over the age of 12 to work with and care for bees, while learning about the importance of the bug and its survival.

After receiving a grant from Wiltshire Council, the project was ready to launch over a year ago, but was halted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, Clare is inviting "anyone over 12-years-old with mental health issues, disabilities, or simply with an interest in bees" to join her and her husband in the enclosures in the heart of the city centre.

With the hives, suits, and equipment ready, Clare was inspired to set up the venture after her husband Mark, an ex-serviceman suffering with post traumatic stress disorder, found solace from beekeeping, which is now his job.

"I set it up to use bees as therapy, after seeing the massive difference and positive change it has made to my husband's life," she said.

"I wanted to share that with others, there isn't enough out there for people with these conditions, and for people over 12 for that matter.

"People can come along and learn about the bees, making the frames, and about harvesting the honey and wax."

Salisbury Journal: The Honey Bee Project to launch in SalisburyThe Honey Bee Project to launch in Salisbury

Any profit made from the project, including selling crafts made from wax and honey, will go straight back into improving the facilities and experience.

Clare added: "Beekeeping clears the mind and takes away from trauma, it was even used it in the First World War to help soldiers.

"We're using this project to promote the bees as well - they are depleting and it is important we use activities like this to educate people and save them.

"We're really excited to get going, this has just been a long time coming."

As part of the project's launch a 'Meet and Greet' will be taking place tomorrow, June 12, from 1.30pm.

For more information, including the location of the project and future sessions, call Clare on 07890052408.

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