A SALISBURY resident was left "utterly shocked and appalled" after dog poo was found spread across the equipment in a children's playground.

The witness, who has asked to remain anonymous, had taken their three-year-old daughter to St Judes Close play area in Bishopdown on June 13 and 14, when they were alerted to the mess all over the park.

According to the resident, a dog poo bag was taken out of the bin and its contents was spread across the park facilities.

They cleaned off some of the mess using gloves and wet wipes, and the issue was reported to both Laverstock and Ford Parish Council and Wiltshire Council.

"I was utterly shocked and appalled that someone would do this to a toddler's playpark. It's not good enough I am afraid," they said.

"I just want it cleaned up for the sake of my daughter and other children."

Salisbury Journal: Dog poo found scattered in St Judes Close play areaDog poo found scattered in St Judes Close play area

Laverstock and Ford Parish Council told the Journal that the area belonged to and was managed by Wiltshire Council, meaning it was not in its power to resolve the issue, but the parish authority will be taking over management of the park "in the future".

"We will rebuilding the play area but this will not happen until August," council clerk Andrew Prince added.

Wiltshire Council has been approached for comment on how the issue has been dealt with - read the council's response here.

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