AFTER taking a break former X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson is back on the road with a new show.

Her tour comes to City Hall, Salisbury on Wednesday, February 14. The singer has previously performed in the city.

“I’m just looking forward to it because I have had a year out. I’ve had a bit of a soul searching year but I’m back on the road touring now and doing live performances. It is going to be fun,” says Rebecca.

“I just want people to have a good time and come down and forget their troubles. It is going to be a dancy show, I’ll have people up dancing.”

Fans can expect to hear Rebecca’s previous hits as well as some newer material. As the former X Factor finalist explains: “It is going to be my previous stuff and I’ll probably throw in the odd number that’s new. I’m going to be remixing a few covers - I’m doing Stormzy and Ed Sheeran covers. I’m just mixing it up, I wanted to cover all ranges really so everyone can enjoy it.”

After coming runner-up on the seventh series of the X Factor, Rebecca has not been short of success since first appearing on the reality TV show with Simon Cowell in 2010.

She has co-written her record-breaking debut album Heaven, and went on to release a further three follow-ups.

The album, which was released in 2011, sold 128,000 copies in its first week and peaked at number three in the UK official charts, making her the fastest-selling debut solo artist of the past decade (2007-2017).

Following on from her debut album success Rebecca released Freedom in 2013, and then her third studio album Lady Sings The Blues, which covered a number of jazz classics made famous by Billie Holiday. And having released her fourth album Superwoman in 2016, Rebecca has come a long way from the shy twenty-something audiences first saw on television.

On how she has developed as a music artist since appearing on X Factor, she says: “In the early days I was so shy, I’ve been performing for so long now I’m more relaxed. I love being on stage, I love having a dance and getting people up to dance. I’ve just grown with eight years and had eight years as a training ground. Like anything you grow and mature, I would like to think I’ve got better.”

Rebecca has future projects in the pipeline including the release of a new album. “I’m record my next album so that will hopefully be out in 2019 but I’ve also got new music coming out this year too so I’m having a go, I’m trying,” she says.

Rebecca has not been afraid to try out different musical genres from jazz to dance music and even blues. As she admits: “I’m one of those people who will try everything, I’ve done jazz, I’ve done a dance song and I’m enjoying just experimenting.

“I’ve got a real freedom where I can just try everything. I’m not limiting myself really. So I do blues, jazz, dance music - if it sounds right then I will put my voice on it. I think it is easy for people to put me in a box. I like all types of music.”

Summing up the show the singer says: “You can expect to be moved.”

For tickets or more information call the box office on 01722 434434 or go to