MOST brides and grooms dream of having a white wedding, one Amesbury couple should have been careul what they wished for. 

Abi Dewar and Jonny Whitty should have tied the knot today, but when the Beast From the East brought Salisbury to a standstill they had to cancel their plans.

"Everybody wants a white wedding, but not like this," 21-year-old Abi told the Journal.

"I spoke to the registry office and it's just too dangerous to come in."

The final decision to postpone the wedding was made this morning, when they found that weather conditions had not improved.

But Abi said she felt "absolutely fine" and "completely chilled" about the change of plans.

"I must admit we were disappointed, but it's just one of those things you can't really help," she said. "We've had some fun in the snow as well, so it's been a good day all in."

The couple, who met in secondary school, have been together nearly seven years had planned to marry at Salisbury registry office before heading to the Rainbow on the Lake in Steeple Langford for a reception. 

Their wedding will now take place at the end of April, but that isn't stopping them heading to Yorkshire on Monday for their honeymoon. 

Abi and Jonny, aged 22, said everyone involved in the rearrangements had been "very helpful".

Abi said: "The decision was made because we wanted people to be safe.

"We have people coming from Walers and Portsmouth, and just wanted everyone to be safe and sound at the end of the day, I'd rather that than anything else.

"I'd just like to thank everybody for being so helpful - everyone's just been great and very supportive of us both."

"Everybody's been very heplful. It's been no stress really."