The first episode of Ant & Dec’s new quiz show Limitless Win aired on Saturday January 8.

The new show sees contestants attempt to correctly answer questions and if successful, they’ll have the opportunity to win a cash prize.

Unlike any other quiz show, how much the contestants can win is an unknown figure because they will be playing for the world's first unlimited jackpot.

The first couple to take part were husband and wife Will and Kathryn, two NHS workers and they took home £500,000.

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In this week’s episode, aired on Saturday January 22, sisters Sarah and Amy continued their run on the show after appearing in the final part of last week's episode.

Starting with 30 lives, the women were already off to a comfortable start especially when their first answer was exact, banking them £2,500, another five lives plus a lifeline.

The amount soon increased to £30,000 when the pair submitted another exact answer.

The sisters thought they knew the answer to the questions three times but just to be safe and keep themselves in the game, decided to lock in an answer lower since they weren’t completely sure each time.

Had they have locked in an exact answer for the third question in that run, £100,000 would have been sitting in the bank.

One answer meant a total of 20 lives were lost, bringing the total of lives left to five.

At the start of the episode, Amy said she would like to buy a bird sanctuary if she won money on the show.

Sarah and Amy didn’t have enough lives to carry them through to the next question after giving an incorrect answer.

This meant they lost the £30,000 that was in their bank and went home with no cash prize.

Sisters win £30k on Limitless Win

As they left, another team of two sisters began their stint on the show, winning five lives in the question round that happens before moving onto the ladder.

They did well and banked some cash along the way. 

The sisters decided to cash out and as a result, they took home £30,000 and aim to travel to Hawaii with the money they won.