Friday the 13th is stereotypically considered an unlucky day, so the food delivery service Foodhub is offering a discount to bring luck to those ordering their takeaway this evening.

For this they are offering a 13% discount on the app, which customers will be able to get by inputting the code LUCK13 at checkout after making an order on their app.

Through that you'll be able to tuck into cuisine from a wide variety of local takeaway and restaurant suppliers.

Whether you're craving Chinese, Indian, pizza or whatever else, Foodhub has a load of options to choose from in that regard.

Salisbury Journal: Foodhub offers takeaways from a wide variety of suppliers (Canva)Foodhub offers takeaways from a wide variety of suppliers (Canva)

Emma Stockman, from the Foodhub Marketing Team, said: “Everyone dreads Friday 13th when it comes around, with people waiting on tenterhooks for something unlucky to happen. 

“However, here at Foodhub we like to make our own luck and turn Friday 13th on its head by offering our customers a 13% off discount code, so they can enjoy a Friday feast from their local takeaway for a fraction of the price!”

To make use of this offer, download the Foodhub app from their website here, and input the code LUCK13 at checkout.

The offer will only be valid for today (Friday, May 13) and will have the limit of having one use per customer.