A recruitment firm has revealed that applying for a job in a specific month may increase your likelihood of landing a job interview or a placement.

Specialist cloud technology recruitment firm Frank Recruitment Group has looked at the number of job interviews and placements made with them in the last 12 months, finding some significant results.

March saw both the highest number of job interviews arranged as well as jobs placed, with September seeing the next highest number of placements made, closely followed by November.

The company looked at their own internal data between April 2021 and April 2022 with the number of both permanent and contract placements added together.

Salisbury Journal: March, September and November where seen as the best months to apply for new jobs (Canva)March, September and November where seen as the best months to apply for new jobs (Canva)

Both the total number of placements and number of unique interviews data was then sorted from highest to lowest in the same timeframe.

Chairman and CEO, James Lloyd Townshend said: “For any professional seeking their next role it suggests hiring isn’t just about your ability, but it’s about timing, which means a degree of strategy is needed for the savvy jobseeker.

“We all know that summer can be affected by hiring managers taking summer vacation, while winter can be a tough time for jobhunting as companies start to wind down towards the end of the year. So it’s imperative that you add value to your personal brand in these periods, rather than becoming downhearted by any potential lack of opportunities.”

In addition the Frank Recruitment Group said: "In short, the evidence suggests that finding the perfect job really could come down to timing.

"So, the advice for those looking for their dream role isn’t just to be ready for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come up, but to understand why it may be taking so long to appear and use that time wisely to prepare."