ONE of Salisbury’s oldest pubs has lost its right to hold live music events after a string of noise complaints.

The Queen’s Arms in Ivy Street has been allowed to keep its licence following a prolonged period of issues but Wiltshire Council’s Southern Area Board Licensing Committee deemed that it should not be allowed to have live and recorded amplified music.

A report of the meeting on October 5 says that the pub will also only be allowed jukebox music as incidental background music.

The issues started in February 2016 when the pub changed hands and began using the barn at the rear of the premises as a live music venue which resulted in a number of complaints to the council.

“Nearby residents reported that loud amplified music was unduly affecting them in their homes,” the report states.

The pub was handed a noise abatement order on February 26, this year, and then-landlord Adrian Sainsbury took the fight to court in March 2016 but magistrates ruled in the council’s favour and it remains in force.

“Since service of the notice, amplified music has not been played in the barn, but has continued to be played in the main bar area of the premise.

“In addition to complaints about amplified music, residents have also complained about noise from patrons of the premises who congregate outside the front of the premise to smoke.”

Police were also called to an incident at the pub on May 11 when a fight took place outside.

As a consequence of the incident committee members also deemed it necessary for CCTV to be installed inside of the premises – subject to planning permission.

“Recordings to be kept for a minimum of 28 days and made available to officers on request,” the report added.

Pub staff will also be forced to check the outside area to the front and side of the premises between 8pm and closing.

“Any patrons using these areas either be moved on away from the premises, or asked to use the designated smoking shelter,” the report said.

“Written records of all checks to be recorded and made available to local authority officers on request.”

Within its recommendations the committee has also ordered for the pub’s noise management plan to be reviewed and updated, with changes only to be made once agreed with Wiltshire Council.

The pub now has until Thursday to appeal the decision before the magistrates’ court.