A SALISBURY gym owner will be opening his doors to allow homeless people to come in for a hot shower.

Dave Taylor, who owns Gymies Fitness Studio in Blakey Road, will start the new scheme next month as a way of "giving back".

He told the Journal: "I have been thinking about it for a long time and I had always wanted to do something to help people, but not have it to do with people donating money.

"We wanted something everyone could get involved in."

Starting on the first Thursday of December, Gymies will open once a week after the gym closes in the evening.

Dave said it was "a no brainer" to open the showers to people, adding: "The showers are here and set up for use by the public.

"Homeless people have got soup kitchens and things like that, but I think it might be quite hard for them to get a shower, and that's something I can do."

He posted his plan on social media and received an overwhelming response.

"It was a surprise," he said. "The post was really just to see if people thought it was a good idea but I'm now getting emails from people all over the world.

"People have been ordering towels and toothbrushes to send to us."

He said people had been "quite generous" and he had even been approached by people offering to come and give free haircuts as well as the showers.

Dave has also been accepting donations of clothes, and a storage unit nearby has donated him a room to store the items.

"As long as it's clean and tidy, bag it up and bring it down," he said.

Any clothes that aren't picked up by homeless people on the nights will be taken to charity shops.

He has also been in touch with homeless charity Alabare and hopes to work with them to help people who are most in need.

Dave added: "I have a plan on expanding this to include anyone that wants to offer their time, or a free service or help to anyone in need.

"If I can offer my time and showers then surely others can find something to offer others.

"For example, we’re all a bit tired of just handing over money and hoping it makes a difference. I’d like to organise giving in another way, like cleaning the windows or repairing a broken cupboard of an elderly person.

"Anyone with some free time can donate it to help. One lovely woman has already offered to cut hair on our shower nights."

The first night will be December 7 at 9.30pm, and Gymies will open every Thursday night following that.