THE founding of an elite regiment that fought in some of the most daring campaigns in the Second World War will be commemorated at a service in Tilshead.

Formed in February 1942, the Glider Pilot Regiment was made up of volunteers from other parts of the army. They were put through some of the most rigorous selection and training processes the forces had to offer, before learning to pilot unpowered gliders.

The first stage of their intensive training took place at the Regiment’s first headquarters in Tilshead.

Once fully qualified, these men would achieve extraordinary feats of flying. They took part in some of the most significant actions during the war, including the Invasion of Sicily, D-Day, Operation Market Garden and the Rhine Crossing.

The commemorative service takes place on Saturday, February 24 at 11.30am.

Members of the public wishing to attend are invited to meet from 10am onwards in Tilshead Village Hall where refreshments will be available.

Directions to the Memorial Stones, dedicated to the foundation of the Glider Pilot Regiment and Parachute Regiment, will be provided on arrival. Please assemble no later than 11.15 am.

The Glider Pilot Regiment Society has invited those from the Parachute Regiment Association to attend.

To find out more about the group visit