SALISBURY residents are spreading messages of support and kindness by taking part in a global project.

The Kindness Rocks project was founded in 2015 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on the premise that “one message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, or life”.

And the movement, which has spread as far as Australia, Canada and even Saudi Arabia, has now come to Salisbury.

Mum of three, Kristina Auckland of Over Wallop started a Facebook group encouraging people to get involved in the game.

More than 1,000 people have now joined and share updates on where they have hidden stones and where they have been found.

Popular locations include Victoria Park, Churchill Gardens, Wilton shopping village and Old Sarum.

Local children are getting involved in painting and hiding their own messages, as well as searching for those left by others.

The idea is to re-hide a rock whenever it has been found, to keep the message going.

Kristina said: “I loved the idea when I read about it and I wanted to share it. I never imagined it would become this popular.

“It seemed like a very accessible thing to do with children that was relatively inexpensive.

“Getting people outside and exploring has been the biggest bonus, seeing all the photos in the group is really wonderful - I especially love seeing the photos of the children with their big smiles when they’ve found rocks or just hidden some. It’s fantastic.”

Abby Nanson, another member of the group said it was a “win win”, adding: It’s such a nice thing for people to do for others.

“To take the time to leave a little surprise in a park for their children to find, and then you get to gift it on for another child to find.”

And Saul Webb said it was a chance to be kind in “a world full of hate”.

“Seeing my little girl get so excited finding one of these treasures when in Moors Valley or Bournemouth made my wife and I decide to look closer to home.

“Having seen the joy upon kids’ and adults’ faces alike makes you realise how touching a simple act of kindness can be.”

Search Kindness Rocks Salisbury UK on Facebook to join.