TWO of Burgate School's Year 10 students, experienced success with a win in a league football match. Freya Patton and Elle Elkins travelled to Hillbeck way, Greenford, in London to play a match against Queens Park Rangers (QPR) on Sunday September 22.

Both students play for AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust in the Under 16s category and train two to three times each week. Freya plays defensive midfield and Elle sits just ahead in attack midfield.

On Sunday, they played a football match against QPR and won, with a final score of 8-3.

Freya said: "It was a tough game but we scored eight goals and only conceded three."

Freya added that she had to compete in football trials earlier this year for a place in the AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust Under 16s team.

Having to compete in two trials against 35 other footballers, Freya made it into the team and will be continuing her journey in the upcoming Cup final against West Ham.

Written by Anna Wright