FROM September 21-26, Finn Anderson, a Burgate Sixth Form student, travelled up to Brighton for the recent Labour Party conference.

Finn, a keen politics student in the lower sixth, attended a reception at the conference, where he heard Angela Rayner, Jon Ashworth, Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer speak passionately about their views on the matter of Brexit as well as the party’s agenda.

Over the five days he was at the conference, Finn had the chance to talk to Clare Moody, a former member of the European Parliament for Southwest England about her views on Brexit. Soon after this encounter, Finn also headed to a meeting of the Blue Labour pressure group. This group aims to put ‘relationships and responsibility at the heart of British politics’. There, he had the chance to speak to Maurice Glasman, who is a member of the House of Lords and the woman responsible for launching Blue Labour. He said this was a “great opportunity which I really enjoyed!”

To top off the experience, Finn was interviewed by Swiss TV about his views on Brexit as a young person, and what he thinks should happen next.

The Burgate School is immensely proud of Finn for representing the views of young people all over the country, and we hope that he has had a lasting impression on some of the people he had a chance to talk to.

By Charlii Packham