YEAR 7-11 pupils at Leehurst Swan School, Salisbury, were delighted to welcome Mr John Glen MP to a question and answer session last Friday afternoon.

Mr Glen started with an introduction about his life as an MP and his role within his constituency. He said he really enjoyed his work in Salisbury and that he visits schools, hospitals and local businesses. He has been an MP for Salisbury since 2010 and he has been visiting schools for nine and a half years. Mr Glen finds ‘bringing people together’ one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.

Students at our school asked a variety of interesting and probing questions ranging from his opinion of Boris Johnson to the mental health crisis amongst young people. One student asked him why he voted against gay marriage in 2012. Mr Glen replied that, firstly, he was pleased the question had been asked. Secondly, he justified his vote by saying that his constituents had written and voted 40-1 against gay marriage arguing the civil partnership was enough. He went on to say that he felt gay marriage was “unnecessary”.

We had several students who had been on the ‘School Strike for Climate’ march that morning. When asked, Mr Glen said, that whilst he fully supported the work being done against climate change, he did not think that pupils should miss school to go on the demonstrations.

We would very much like to thank and welcome back Mr Glen, at another time, especially as many students didn’t get the chance to ask their questions.

By Hattie Bunce and Pearl Lippin