AT South Wilts, preparations for the whole school production of Beauty and the Beast on February 28 and 29, have started.

The play will be organised, directed and choreographed by SWGS, our head of drama, Mrs Lawrence.

She says that she chose the play because she “wanted something magical and exciting that would involve as many students as possible, both on and back-stage”.

The production is exciting many in the school. There were over 125 people who auditioned, with many as part of the cast, and 50 of those who have been given the opportunity to be involved in crew positions.

Although putting on a production of this size is a challenge, it is a rare and incredible opportunity for the school to showcase a wide range of its non-academic talent, and for many of the pupils to endeavour to fulfil a large assortment of roles: from the assistant director; to cameraman and documentist; to the young, singing teacup Chip (as played by a year seven). The anticipation is definitely building!

By Alice Searle, Sophie Buxton and Ellen Scahill