ON Tuesday, October 8, the all-girl CCF (Combined Cadet Force) of Godolphin School had their Biennial inspection. This exciting event started with a parade and finished with the notorious gun run!

Every girl in the Godolphin School CCF rushed out of lunch early to get ready for the inspection. No one wished to incur the wrath of CCF leader, Major Reavill, so everyone tried their best to look smart for the occasion. Boots were polished, last minute kit was borrowed and berets were straightened.

The inspection started with a parade, which had everybody very nervous. However, all ran smoothly, and the girls managed to march in time. Next up, an assortment of fun activities, including laser tag, mind puzzles and team building, awaited the CCF. However, the weather was determined to spoil the day.

As the first activity started, so did the rain, but activities continued despite the downpour. Luckily the weather cleared up in time for the second activity. The girls enjoyed laser tag without getting soaked!

Finally, parents started to arrive for the gun run. Groups of cadets ran a course, pulling heavy guns behind them. The course included dismantling the gun, and even firing it. After two rounds of running, group two won the day.

By Lili Bryant