LAST week Burgate students showed their support for Mental Health Awareness Day as part of the schools Wellbeing Week. One of Burgate’s Sixth Form students, who is particularly proactive in supporting student wellbeing led an initiative on the day.

Olivia Brownsey, an upper Sixth Form student, who is a Youth Mental Health First Aider, provides student led mental health support to fellow students who may wish to speak to her about any worries they have. For wellbeing week, Olivia created a ‘postivi-tree’ for all of her fellow students at the Burgate School. The tree was placed in Burgate’s school hall along with a basket of wooden heart labels, where students could anonymously write what makes them feel positive and happy. These notes were then hung onto the tree to create the ‘positivi-tree’ and were available for all other students to read. Olivia commented on her project to support mental health awareness week, saying that ‘the aim is to promote positive mental wellbeing’.

Written by Anna Wright.