YEAR 7 student Jess Horsburgh has had some amazing snowboarding results. Jess started snowboarding when she was 8 years old and trains at Snowtrack - or anywhere she can! Jess has competed in two large snowboarding events; The British Championships for snowboarding and Airattack. She had fantastic results in both these events, finishing the British championships for snowboarding in 3rd place and Airattack in 2nd place. Alongside these events, Jess has competed in Summerjam, a fun and smaller competition.

As well as snowboarding, Jess skis with a club called Team Snowtracks, where she competes in races. She began skiing when she was 7 years old and during her years of skiing has sustained a serious injury. Despite this injury, Jess hasn’t stopped skiing and her advice to sports men and women is “If you’ve had an injury, get back up and keep pushing yourself.”

Written by Anna Wright