ON THE 20th of November and the 5th of December 2019, members of the Stonehenge school Parliament visited different primary schools, giving an assembly on the reality of secondary school.

This was in attempt to ease nervous year 6s and educate the Key Stage 2 students about there future at secondary school.

The parliament members discussed different topics such as; lessons, homework, and extra curricular activity (e.g. clubs, trips and opportunities for students).

The Year 6 students really enjoyed the assemblies, participating eagerly and asking a large range of questions.

Harvey, one of the parliamentary ambassadors, explained that he was; “Very pleased with how the assemblies went, for every one question we answered, another five more were asked.” He also said is was: “Nice to see how many students were genuinely interested in our school, and excited for their next schooling experience.”

Teachers from the various primary schools were also pleased, and seemed very willing to Continue the discussions into lesson times, once we had left.

Both the Stonehenge School Parliament team and the primary school students were pleased with the assemblies, and hope to do simular activities together In the future.

By Scarlett Allen