SOME 238 orienteers from across the country joined Sarum Orienteers for the annual Sarum Saunter level B event in the woods at Fonthill.

Course Planner Dave Mullins set a 11 technically demanding courses for all age groups that made skilful use of the hilly terrain to add physical challenge to the senior courses.

The top competitive brown course (8.9k, 285m climb, 25 controls) was won by Peter Ward of North Gloucester OC (61.25 min). Gary Sawyer (M40) was the best-placed Sarum runner.

Phil Murray (Bristol OK, M50; 60.21min) won the short brown course (7.7k, 245m climb, 22 controls), Chloe Potter (Bristol OK; W20; 41.35min) won the blue course (5.6k, 155m climb,16 controls) with Paul Lane (M60) and Mark White (M55), both from Sarum taking, 10th and 11th places just eight seconds apart.

Other good Sarum results included Joan Hambleton (W75; 1st on very short green), Martin Goddard (M55) and Peter Hambleton (M70) second and third on short green, Jan Belza (M70) and Hazel Cutler (W20) 15th and 17th on green and Lucy Wilkinson 11th on orange.