TEENAGER Katy Cutler travelled to the Liverpool Aquatics Centre as part of the London Otter teams this weekend to compete in the under 17 and 19 ASA National Age Group Waterpolo Championships.

In the under 19 girls semi-final, London Otter defeated City of Liverpool 11-10, with Katy, 15, bagging a hat-trick.

In the final, Otter lost 5-3 to Manchester.

In the under 17s' event, Katy hit the net four times in a 18-3 victory over Tyldesley in the semi-final.

Later in the day, the younger under 17s London Otter squad kept their composure to secure a 14-7 win against City of Liverpool, with Katy notching six of the team’s 14 goals, including Otter's first strike at goal.

The victory means the under 17s women's waterpolo team are crowned national champions with Cutler picking up the Most Valued Player trophy.