SALISBURY FC said it was “appalled” after a visiting female physiotherapist was subjected to “distressing and offensive sexist and sexual verbal abuse” by fans on Saturday.

The club is making enquiries, following the incident that happened during the Whites game against Evesham, where their female physio Ali Bulpitt says she was verbally abused.

JournalSport understands that Ms Bulpitt had comments directed at her from somewhere in the stand behind the home dug-out during the second half, while she was carrying out her duties as the club physio.

In a separate incident outside in the club car park, comments of a sexual nature were made to her, the details of which are not currently known.

The club was made aware of the incident when Evesham club officials approached club director Jeremy Harwood, who immediately apologised to Ms Bulpitt along with vice-chairman Ian Ridley.

Salisbury FC has assured her they will support her if Ms Bulpitt takes the matter further.

In a statement released yesterday, the club said it was “dismayed” to learn Ms Bulpitt “was subjected to some distressing and offensive sexist and sexual verbal abuse by a small section of Salisbury FC supporters”.

It said: “Salisbury board members personally offered unreserved apologies to the person concerned following the match when it was brought to their attention and offered to help should she wish to take the matter further.

“We wish to make it clear that we are appalled by such comments and behaviour and will take strong action against perpetrators, including banning them from Salisbury FC, should we be made aware of any such abuse and the persons who committed it, and the case be proved.

“The club’s stance is quite simple: football, both participating and spectating, is open to all creeds, colours, genders and personal persuasions and all are welcome at the Ray Mac – except for those who are unable themselves to abide by similar principles of respect and tolerance.

“We have a large and largely magnificent group of supporters at Salisbury FC and we will not allow their reputation, and the club’s, to be sullied by a few bad apples.”

Club vice-chairman Ian Ridley said: "We as a club have taken a strong stance as seen through our statement and will continue to do so. What happened on Saturday is not acceptable at the Ray Mac and we feel for the person concerned.

"What I will say is that we have more stewards than any other club in our league and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Unfortunately you can't have stewards everywhere monitoring every person when we average crowds of 600.

"Where there are offensive comments, we would urge right-minded people to report it to stewards, who will then take appropriate action.

"A certain amount of verbal exchange with the opposition is to be expected but where it crosses a line and becomes personal, sexist or racist, it has to be confronted. Nobody should have to take personal abuse in going about their job.

"Unfortunately we see and hear it sometimes directed at our people away from home where clubs are somehow allowed to get away without having stewards.

"All we can do at Salisbury, where we have the highest crowds in the league, is do our best to keep our side of the street clean and make the Ray Mac a pleasant experience, which the vast majority of our supporters do indeed create and enjoy."