A WHITES fan has been banned for four games after subjecting a visiting female physiotherapist to “offensive sexual remarks”.

Physio Ali Bulpitt, from Evesham United, was the victim of “verbal sexual abuse” at a home game last Saturday (October 21).

Now Salisbury FC bosses say one fan has been banned for four games after handing himself in to the club.

The individual admitted to making the offensive sexist remarks and, as well as being banned, has agreed to shadow the head steward for the day at the Ray Mac to better understand the role.

Enquiries are still ongoing a separate incident that happened in the club's car park on the same day, and the club is asking anyone who knows anything about the incident to come forward in strict confidence.

Salisbury FC's statement in full:

"Salisbury FC have taken action against a supporter who has admitted to making an offensive sexist remark to the female Evesham United physiotherapist at the game between the two clubs on Saturday October 21st.

"The person concerned will be banned from the Ray Mac for four home matches, though for one of those that person will be expected, and has agreed, to shadow the Head Steward for the day to see the sterling work our stewarding team do in making match day a safe and enjoyable experience for supporters. That also means them clamping down on bad behaviour and personal verbal abuse which can spoil things for those who just want to enjoy a game of football in the right spirit.

"In taking the action we have, we are mindful that the supporter concerned owned up to the offence. But for that, that person could have expected a much longer ban. The person has accepted the club’s action, which is a mixture of punishment and insight that we hope will prevent any future such issue.

"Our inquiries continue into the two people who, in a separate incident, made offensive remarks to the Evesham physio outside of the ground after the game. Any information can be conveyed to the club office and will be treated with strict confidence.

"As a club, we do not wish to take the passion or fun out of the game and are aware that fans have a right to vent their opinions. Indeed we appreciate the large and vocal support we get at the Ray Mac, and when we go to away games, and we acknowledge there will be times when fans are legitimately critical.

"However, we hope this episode shows that when comments cross a line into personal, sexist, racist or homophobic language, we will take appropriate action."