THE Whites game was abandoned today after a fight erupted on the steps to the tunnel after two players were sent off.

The game against Bideford had to be called off as "the disturbance" kicked off shortly before half time.

Referee Daniel Lamport stopped the match on 43 minutes after the second of two red cards, one for each side, prompted the outburst in the tunnel.

Salisbury were 3-0 up against the north Devon side at the Ray Mac when the fight broke out.

Whites debutant Owen Howe tucked home after three minutes and Stuart Green scored eight minutes later. Eddie Perrett then cutting in from the left added a third after 26 minutes.

A report on the club’s website said: “The dismissal of George Colson five minutes later further soured what was a tense confrontation between the two sides and it deteriorated to the point where Mr Lamport dismissed Bideford's Billy Tucker after 37 minutes for a second yellow card.

“The disturbance ensued as Tucker left the field and after a stoppage of six minutes and after consulting with his assistants, Mr Lamport decided to abandon the match.”

The fight and the decision to abandon the match has been met with dismay from fans on social media.