WHITSBURY trained Mohaather stamped himself as the elite miler in Europe by winning the most prestigious race at the Goodwood festival to give Marcus Tregoning his biggest success for many years.

But the four-year-old had to do it the hard way after almost getting trapped behind a wall of horses but switched to the outside, he produced a devastating turn of foot to sweep past the field which included the winners of the English and Irish 2,000 Guineas.

"He's an absolute aeroplane," quipped jockey Jim Crowley. "I was in a pocket and got shuffled back and had to do it the hard way by coming around them. Everything went wrong for him, otherwise he would have more impressively. We are talking here of the best milers in Europe. I wouldn't say he made them look ordinary but he won very well."

The official winning distance was three quarters of a length but that hardly reflected the ultimate ease of his victory which sadly was witnessed by so few people with the racing run behind closed doors.

However the warm reception given to Tregoning, who has always regarded Goodwood and the festival in particular as his favourite track, testified to his popularity.

It represented his first major triump since Sir Percy won the Derby in 2006 and only underlined the misfortune the yard had to endure when Mohaather, who is ridden at exercise by his 15-year-old daughter at weekends, was forced to miss last year's 2,000 Guineas after suffering a hairline fracture in his prep race in April and did not return to the track until October.

Tregoning, who feared the race might become tactical because of the small field, must have feared the worst when Mohaather looked boxed in.

"I thought it would be a struggle to get out. He's not the biggest horse but Jim kept his clam. He was very impressive. If he had got out earlier, he would have more easily but he won."

It has been a well chronicled hard road since that halcyon day 14 years ago but Tregoning simply said: "I have had to wait a long time for this but I have not had the horses. Hopefully we might get a few more horses now and I can be visit here more often!"

Tregoning added: "It's a big day for the team and a big day for Sheik Hamdan Al Maktoum. He's been a very loyal owner."

However he paid tribute to Sheik Hamdam Al Maktoum who has stood by him.

"It's big day for the team and it's a big day for Sheik Hamdam. He's a very loyal owner."