MORE than 300 runners took to the streets on Sunday for the 24th Salisbury Half Marathon.

This is a massive drop in attendance, with almost 1,100 people taking part in the 2019 event, and just under 1,000 in 2018. 

Emma Hines won the women's race in a time of one hour, 25 minutes and 18 seconds.

Aaron Wilson won the men's in just under one hour fourteen minutes.

Race organiser and RaceNation director Jody Foy told the Journal that a few runners completed two laps of the race on the morning before joining the back of the official start, in order to complete a full marathon.

David Vosser from Winchester also ran the race, having completed every single event held in the city.

He previously ran every edition of the Salisbury Plain 15.5, starting and finishing at Amesbury but using the Woodford Valley route which ran from 1977 to 1997.

That race stopped after 21 years and the Salisbury Half started in 1998 organised by the Fire Brigade starting at the station and running along the Woodford Valley.

He won the 2003 edition and ran all 17 of them from 1998 to 2014.

No race was held in in 2015 and the new city centre course started in 2016 and has run for 5 years (missing 2020).

Women's top three

  1. Emma Hines - Age category: 40-49. Time: 01:25:18. Chip time: 01:25:17
  2. Anne-Marie Bayliss - Age category: 40-49. Time: 01:25:23. Chip time: 01:25:22
  3. Cherry Fowler - Age category: 50-59. Time: 01:28:19. Chip time: 01:28:18

Men's top three

  1. Aaron Wilson - Age category: 40-49. Time: 01:13:58. Chip time: 01:13:58
  2. James Rygate - Age category: 20-29. Time: 01:15:05. Chip time: 01:15:04
  3. Michael O'Shea - Age category: 20-29. Time: 01:15:21. Chip time: 01:15:20

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