THE weather was perfect for running the London Marathon, with great support from friends and family watching the race from the sidelines.

All the runners put in sterling performances following months of training in all weathers.

CoSARC was represented by Will Pannell (2:31:07), James Mills (2:52:11) who recorded his 12th marathon in a time of under three hours and finished 1,008th out of 40,000 finishers, Mike White (3:20:00), Lee Syrett (3:21:02), Anna Patrickson (3:24:07 PB), Edward Cane (3:28:20), Zoe Lambard (3:47:16), Jo Marks (4:43:59 PB) and Jake Stewart (5:01:44).

The London Mini-Marathon is one of the most prestigious youth athletic events in the country, which attracts thousands of talented runners who are undoubtedly stars of the future.

For CoSARC, under-15 ace Thomas Dewey finished in 8:30. Freddie Bosworth (U13) completed the race in 9:15, and was was first finisher at Junior Parkrun less than 24 hours later.

In the Virtual London Marathon, Jason Bennett finished in 3:35:42 PB.

Among those representing the England Masters in the Chester Marathon were Anne-Marie Bayliss, who finished third in a time of 3:00:29 and Nick Hudson (3:20:08).

Bayliss (38:47), again represented England Masters, this time in the Home Nations Masters Great Bristol 10km.

Ollie Stone (4:19:13) and Barry Davis (4:43:24) ran for CoSARC in the Clarendon Marathon.

Parkrun PBs went to Mathew Gervais (17:11) and Charlie Boardman (22:22).