They've done it - Salisbury Hockey Men's 1st XI have proved their rightful position back in South Central's Division I South, with promotion now guaranteed at the end of this season, and their position as league champions secured.

Back in September and the start of the hockey calendar, Salisbury First team knew they had a lot to prove. Relegated to Division II South following a tough 2022-23, the club's sights were set firmly on storming the season to re-establish their place back in Division I.

And they did just that. Losing just three games of 21 played this year, and now clear of their nearest competitor by six points, with one game to play they can sit back and enjoy their final game against United Services Portsmouth in a couple of weeks' time.

Not content on making it easy, last week's 3-4 defeat to Havant created extra pressure on the team as they went into the game against Trojans on Saturday.

Playing to their home crowd, Salisbury started the game with a dominant hold for the first 10 minutes. At just five minutes in, Kynon Griffith-McCann scored an unstoppable reverse hit into the top corner. However, that seemed to ignited the Trojans team who fought two goals through, leaving Salisbury down at half time, with the scoreline at 1-2.

The game turned in Salisbury's favour in the second half - the team were quick out of the blocks and Griffith-McCann quickly scored again, equalising and giving Salisbury their way back into the game.

By minute 48, the momentum was fully behind Salisbury and Dan Deakin pushed the ball past three players to find the back of the net and bring the scoreline back in Salisbury's favour, at 3-2.

Four minutes later, Griffith-McCann snagged the hat trick, with another reverse hit finish this time coming in low and smashing the backboard.

A final goal at the 62nd minute sealed the deal, with Adam Stone bagging his first goal of the season and taking Salisbury 5:2 up. Trojans couldn't find their way back into the game, and the score held to the final whistle.

The men's first side aren't the only success story this season for Salisbury, with a total of three of the club's teams securing promotion this year. The Ladies Second and Fourth XI have achieved the same feat, with one game remaining for each side on April 6.