THE recently completed Hampshire League season produced mixed fortunes for many New Forest teams.

Breamore enjoyed a successful campaign, winning 11 of their 15 matches to finish third in Regional Division 1 West. This should gain them promotion into County Division 4 West but it is likely that their pavilion will not meet standards required for the county divisions.

Godshill, who finished fourth, would be next in line but the same situation would apply to them as they are unable to make any improvements to their pavilion.

It was a strange season for Godshill as they had a dreadful start, losing their first five matches but in a complete turn of fortunes, they won their remaining nine games.

Ellingham started the season with high hopes for their four teams but as the months went by, it all went very wrong.

Ellingham struggled to fill four sides causing their fourth team to be withdrawn from Regional Division 4 South West. Several senior players were unavailable so that the first team finished third from the foot of County Division 1 and were relegated, having won just four of their 15 matches.

Fortunately, a couple of victories in the run-in saved Ellingham 2nds from a similar situation in County Division 4 West but they survived in 14th place with four wins out of 14 played. However, it was a disaster for the third team who finished bottom of Regional Division 3 West with only three wins in 12 matches.

Hyde struggled for a full side all season in Regional Division 1 West, finishing second from bottom with four wins and 11 defeats. It was a different story for their second team who finished as runners-up in Regional Division 3 West.

They could easily have won the title but for a couple of consecutive defeats when key players were missing. But their promotion chances to Regional Division 2 are probably dashed as Hyde’s first team is heading down in that direction.

At one time, it looked as though Verwood might finish close to the top of the table in County Division 4 West but, after winning seven matches, many of their seven defeats came in the second half of the season to finish ninth.

Verwood 2nds did slightly better than their first team winning eight and losing seven to take eighth place in Regional Division 3 West.

Woodgreen won eight games and lost six to finish ninth, their highest ever position in County Division 3 South.

Depleted Burley slipped from fourth to 12th in County Division 4 West with six victories and nine defeats but their 2nds won just two of 13 matches played to finish 14th in Regional Division 3 West, with the three teams below them all being deducted points for conceding matches.

Damerham should be reasonably satisfied with their campaign having won nine and lost six to take eighth place in Regional Division 1 West.

Alderholt had a poor start and finish in Regional Division 2 West but, with five wins, mostly in mid season, and eight losses they finished 12th.

Ringwood’s decline continued and, having been relegated the previous season, they were fortunate just to survive in Regional Division 2 West in 14th place with four victories and nine defeats.