SOUTH Wilts cricketer Jack Mynott is all set to fly to East Africa to spend the winter months at a Kenyan prep school before taking up a teaching appointment at Christ’s Hospital in West Sussex.

The club’s most consistent batsman this season with 507 runs, Mynott will spend the next eight months at the Pembroke House pre-school, north of Nairobi, for the 2017 summer term, writes Mike Vimpany.

He graduated from Loughborough University last summer with a 2.1 BSc (Hons) degree in Geography with Sports Management, and plans a future career in teaching.

Mynott will be in charge of first team cricket, golf and tennis at Pembroke, where he will be an assistant housemaster.

He said: “It’s my dream is to be a Head of Sport at a school when I am older, the opportunity to work in a boarding house and coach sounds is perfect.

“Going to Kenya – albeit after all the painful jabs I’ve had – is a wonderful opportunity and where I’ll get the chance to play cricket for the Kongonis, who host a lot of overseas touring teams.

“The opportunities to go on safaris there are endless and to have the opportunity of visiting Game Park like the Masai Mara is something you only dream about.”

Directly he returns at Easter, Mynott will be tutoring in a boarding house at Christ’s Hospital as well as coaching summer sports, including first team cricket and tennis.

“I am doing this to gain valuable experience for a future teaching career,” he added.

Mynott hopes to pick up a few musical tips from the world famous Christ’s Hospital band when he arrives at the public school.

“I’m a bit of a hidden talent on the music scene; hopefully, the music teachers will spot my untapped skills and knock me into shape.

South Wilts hope Mynott will return to Bemerton for the second half of the 2017 season, but his Easter arrival in West Sussex has already alerted Sussex Premier Cricket League giants Horsham.

*Mynott’s father, Tim, will also be on his travels this winter, having been selected by England Over-60s to tour Australia in November and December.