FC Salisbury United futsal head coach Geoff Bonner, is raising money for the club by juggling/ keeping up a futsal ball without dropping it for 1.7 miles.

Bonner will start the challenge at Old Sarum, and juggling the ball all the way to to Five Rivers Leisure Centre, the home of FC Salisbury United.

The club have gained promotion to the National Futsal Super League and are looking for funds to help them compete at the highest level.

Bonner aims to raise £2,000 for the club doing the challenge and told JournalSport: “Playing 11 league home matches and training facilities this season is going to cost nearly £5,000.

“This 1.7 mile futsal keep up challenge will be difficult but I believe I owe it to the lads to repay there amazing commitments and efforts to the club.”

He will be taking on the challenge on Sunday, July 30. To support Geoff in his challenge you can visit his funding page: gofundme.com/fcsalisburyunitedkeepups