Actress Stephanie Sigman has said she asked producers to get a priest to bless the doll in her latest horror film.

Sigman, who was the first Mexican Bond girl, also told of the frustrations of living in Donald Trump’s America.

She plays a nun in Annabelle: Creation – the prequel to 2014’s Annabelle that attempts to explain how a haunted doll became possessed.

Sigman said: “I was very creeped out and freaked out by the doll.

“I had to touch the doll and I didn’t want to really, but I had to because of the scenes I had with her.

“So I asked the producer to bless the set.”

Stephanie Sigman. (Richard Shotwell/AP/PA)Stephanie Sigman. (Richard Shotwell/AP/PA)

A Catholic priest was employed to bless both the set and the doll, as they did in The Conjuring 2 which the character also appears in.

Sigman said she feels a helplessness living in an America under US President Mr Trump, who has made repeated slurs against Mexicans.

“It’s quite frustrating. Not only for Mexicans, I think for a lot of people,” she said.

“I feel like we could be doing more but I just don’t know how, so it’s kind of frustrating the situation right now.

“Every day there’s some frustrating news and so I don’t know where it’s going but I hope it’s getting better.”

One positive, she said, was that the situation “forces us to be united”.

Miranda Otto stars as the mother of Annabelle, a girl who inhabits the doll after her premature death.

Stephanie SigmanSigman was in the Bond film Spectre (Matt Crossick/PA)

She too was scared by the “creepy and sinister” doll and requested it was removed from the room during rehearsals.

Otto, 49, said she struggled over whether to take the roll as a parent.

“It’s always a big thing for me to decide to do something like that because it takes a personalisation that is not a pleasant thing to think about,” she said.

:: Annabelle: Creation is released in UK cinemas on Friday.