SUPERVISOR Sarah Bundy joined the Sterilisation and Disinfection Unit (SDU) straight from school at the age of 16.

“When I finished school, my qualifications weren’t that great and my aunt, who worked here, asked if I wanted a little three-month job until Christmas,” she said.

“Twenty years later I’m still here. I was offered a permanent position and progressed up to supervisor in 2003 which I’ve continued to the present day.

“It’s so different every day, it’s very busy and I enjoy the challenge of it all. We have to problem-solve every day.

“I’m in charge, and oversee, the private contracts for the southern region for BMI hospitals. I liaise with them, making sure their trays are done, and I’m also involved with the provision of instruments for main theatres and day surgery.

“There are four supervisors and everyday one is nominated to be the duty manager, so you run up to the theatres to ensure they have everything they need.

“Much of the training is on the job. When I became a team leader, I completed the Level 3 in Management. I also have the Level 3 Certificate in Decontamination, a City & Guilds in the management of disinfection and sterilisation and a City & Guilds in the management of endoscope decontamination.

"I supervise between 40 and 50 staff and you have to work together as a strong team to make sure everything is ready – it’s like a military operation.”