LINDSEY Boase began working at the spinal treatment centre three years ago as a nursing assistant.

“I had worked at a children’s nursery before and I’d also done some volunteering with St John’s Ambulance in which I really enjoyed working with and caring for people; young and old.

“I applied for a job at the hospital wanting a change but was unsure at that time as to where I would be working. I was lucky enough to get a job on the spinal unit.

“I started as a Band 2 nursing assistant and just loved it from the beginning, the staff are such a good team to work with.

"It is a bit different on the spinal unit because the patients need such a lot of care and assisted daily living; My job entails anything from hoisting patients into wheelchairs to assisting them to eat their meals and reposition them frequently to prevent pressure sores developing.

"It’s about helping them with these things but also finding ways to enable them to do it themselves so they can regain some independence.

"I had worked here 18 months when the opportunity came up to start training for my nursing degree with the Open University.

"I applied and was lucky enough to be offered a place on the four-year course which is funded by the Trust.

"I’m still based on the spinal unit and seconded on placements to different wards. I complete assignments and have a portfolio to sign off, consolidating the theory I learn through practice on the ward. I am now in my second year and am excited about my future as a nurse.

“I’m glad I became a carer first to get some experience of working on a ward - I hadn’t really thought about becoming a nurse until the opportunity presented itself but I’m really enjoying the course, learning and bettering myself and I love my job.”