"Rubbish rumours" about the coronavirus vaccines need to stop if we as a country are to end the pandemic, according to a Salisbury Journal reader.

Anita Pheby wrote a letter of thanks to the Journal, expressing her gratitude to all those involved in the vaccination process.

She praised the "amazing" Salisbury Cathedral venue where she received her jab, as well as the "superb" organ music which provided a backdrop.

She also hailed the medics for their "polite", "charming" and "helpful" manner.

But she ends with a firm rebuke to anyone who is spreading misinformation about the vaccines, while urging everyone to get them when asked.

Below you can read her letter in full:

'I just wanted to say thank you'

I WAS in category two for Covid vaccination.

The call to receive my jab was a long time coming, but when it did I had no reason for apprehension.

The operation for delivering the vaccine to so many people was of the highest standard.

It was also carried out with the highest possible care and attention to detail.

The medical aspects could not be faulted.

The personnel on hand to help were all polite, charming and uniformly helpful, matching the high medical standards.

And this was despite the relentless attention to detail required, or however tired they were, and regardless of their role as professional clinician or volunteer.

I just wanted to say - Thank you, NHS.

The venue of the Cathedral was also amazing.

Receiving my jab there was akin to going on a Medieval pilgrimage.

The organ music was superb.

No one should fear vaccination.

If we are to conquer this very nasty virus, as we have conquered other pandemics in the past, then for the well-being of everyone we should all be vaccinated, to protect ourselves and others.

The experience of the Cathedral was the experience of a lifetime.

No knowledgeable person will ever fault or forget it.

We should act like grown ups and accept it gratefully as a major achievement of twenty-first century science, and the baseless and rubbish rumours should cease.

Anita Pheby


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