HOW I agree with the lady who wrote to you in this week’s Journal with regard to the ‘new’ Guildhall Square.

I, too, believe the toilets look like Second World War concrete bunkers.

To enter they are just like dungeons – having to go underground with hardly any light only to find inside just dingy dark steel lavatories with few facilities.

If you were in distress for any reason it’s unlikely anyone would hear a call for help!

Before they were ‘updated’ they were manned, paying on entry, and were light and clean. Now I feel the toilets are not safe to use, particularly in these dark afternoons/evenings. Also why were the old iron archways, each marked clearly Ladies or Gentlemen, not used again instead of the pathetic signs stuck to the sides of the outside walls next to the unsightly rubbish bins – where were these bins housed before?

Salisbury city’s medieval square deserves better, including the 21st century seating.

Joan Woodhouse