I WAS astonished to read of the proposed development of the disused bunker on Harnham Hill as a ‘youth music service’.

How will the participants access this facility? There is an infrequent bus service and presumably the youngsters attending will not have transport and, even if they do, parking is limited.

This bunker has been unused for 25 years and I would suggest that the cost of renovation could well exceed the £150,000 quoted.

This ignores the fact that the £306,000 section 106 money was supposed to be used for community facilities on Rowbarrow.

How are the Rowbarrow facilities now to be funded, or have these been shelved?

TSE has stated that concerns over ‘noise and nuisance had been resolved’.

I would like to ask TSE exactly how these issues have been resolve and what penalty will be imposed on them if their reassurances fail?

The council states that it is willing, in principal, to give the site to LifeRocks CIC, a not for profit organisation established by TSE. Businesses do not operate for no profit.

It is often the case that inter company charges for services are incurred which simply moves a profit to another company.

Harnham Hill is a peaceful, principally residential area on the edge of the city.

I feel that this proposed development has been poorly considered, with no or little consultation with residents and should not be allowed to proceed without further detailed consultation.