AS an independent and professional arboriculturalist living in the New Forest and working in Dorset, I wonder how many readers are concerned about the number of trees being felled locally (particularly in the Forest).

Trees seem to be disappearing and little or no new planting is taking place to compensate.

I suspect that the felling is all part of the new policy of returning woodland to heathland' and certainly such a policy is being pursued rigorously in two other woods in the country that I know of.

I have been informed by locals in Ringwood of woodland disappearing at Linford Bottom, Roe Inclosure, Newlands Plantation (near Moyles Court), Ilkham Inclosure, South Oakley Inclosure, Slufter Inclosure and Rose Inclosure. There could be more and I would like to obtain approximate times when the tree cutting took place from the public and information on where replanting of young trees is taking place to replace those removed.

My particular concern is young oak and beech are being removed from inclosures which is harming the diversity of plantations.

The New Forest is a forest - not a heathland - and I believe we need to be monitoring what is going on.

My questions so far have been unanswered. Perhaps you, the readers could be my eyes and ears and e-mail me on with information about tree felling.