MY wife and I moved from London some four years ago.

We have always wanted to move here, and have spent many hours walking the Forest and coastline.

We have noticed a decline in the cleanliness of the surrounding areas no disrespect to the street cleaners, who do their best.

But I am particularly disturbed by the people who walk in the Forest and other areas, with or without dogs, and fill plastic bags with dog poo or rubbish, then leave them on the ground or hang them in trees, too lazy to put them in the in bins provided. Pretty disgusting, eh?

I know this to be the case, because my dear wife and I have been on walks and have cleaned up such things. Linford Bottom is a favourite spot to throw down rubbish and poo, plastic bottles, bags, etc.

Why do people do this to such a place?

The Forest is a wonderful place to live let's respect this and look after it.

T J ALDRIDGE, Meadow Road, Ringwood