I READ with interest all the hoohah about the plans for the future closure of some Verwood roads but I am still trying to find out who was responsible for Dewlands Way not joining up with the Manor road roundabout, but making it a left turn only, less than 10 metres away.

This simple exclusion now causes traffic wanting to travel south to have to negotiate Church Hill round a blind bend, past parked traffic outside the church, left at a mini-roundabout dangerous at school times, and right at a junction with Manor Road.

Of course, you could always turn left and go to the next roundabout and double back on yourself, as the buses do, to make maximum use of our new distributor road, making it look cost-effective and also making the fire station roundabout far busier than it need be.

To cap it all, some houses with Dewlands Way addresses are not even in Dewlands Way any more.

Ah, the minds of local planners!

D H KNIBBS, Dewlands Park, Verwood