I ASSUME most people realise why so many mobile phone masts are on council land, in school grounds etc bcause the mobile phone operator not only had to pay a massive fee to central government for a licence to operate their business but rent is also collected from masts.

Therefore, I must presume councils need that income by order of this mafia-style government we now have, where money comes first regardless of the consequences or, as Blair and Bush have it, it is God's fault!

I am not in the least bit religious, never have been. It is for those who can not think for themselves (with the greatest of respect).

The time will come to sue all landowners who are receiving rental from masts as compensation will be required for the damage to our health, especially for those of us living next to radiation transmitted by them.

The government argues no proof has been presented that masts give off dangerous pollution, but it also has not been proven that they don't.

Add all the mobile phone signals, television, radio and many other communications, plus pollution from greenhouse gases and so on, and it all adds up to a huge amount.

Does this cause depression, sleepless nights, headaches, tiredness and a general feeling of a lack of energy?

It is about time we the public said, enough is enough.

We want a healthy lifestyle, not gimmicks that create revenue for people to make a fast buck.

We coped without mobile phones, the internet and so on before, and in what I suggest were happier days.

RICHARD GRANT, Bisterne Close, Burley