SALLY ANDREW should really get her facts right before writing an accusatory letter to Forest Journal (Postbag, May 18) regarding Fordingbridge councillors' pursuing self-interest. The town council is not responsible for business rents and rates, nor does it impose parking charges.

The personal attack on Councillor Adams was most uncalled for. I would remind her that this gentleman has served on this council for 30 years and, as chairman of finance and policy, together with his committee and all councillors, administers the public purse with honesty and concern, following neither his own personal interests nor those of our councillors.

We are, in any case, all bound by law to declare any pecuniary interests, and are forbidden voting rights on issues that might benefit us personally.

I have lived here since 1957. At one time I did all my shopping here, unlike the writer, and I still use the town's shops and business whenever practical. A small town such as we are would have difficulty fulfilling all needs in this day and age.

Councillors give their time and energy without financial reward and have the interests of the citizens of Fordingbridge at heart, within the limits of the authority vested in us. These accusations are both unfounded and unfair.

JEAN WILLIS, Deputy Mayor, Fordingbridge town council