I AM not in the habit of writing to my local MP, being usually fairly open-minded and laid back about things, but feel suitably incensed to do so now. What on earth is going on along London Road?

First of all, another useless park-and-ride site has been developed in completely the wrong place to ensure that the congestion problem along the road has not been even slightly affected.

A large, ugly and unnecessary set of office blocks, exceeding the height limit attributed to Salisbury building statutes, has been erected opposite Bishopdown Farm in exactly the right place to block the charming view of the hills and fields to the residents of Bishopdown.

Now there are plans to build a shopping park at the junction of Pearce Way with London Road, the types of which have not been divulged but each shop would be "quite large" according to Matt Perry of Cranfords Developments, as quoted in the Salisbury Journal. Making general enquiries with neighbours and friends on Bishopdown Farm and from the response to the unveiling of the plans to the general public, it is quite obvious that the local residents do not need or desire a shopping complex here.

Is Salisbury District Council in the habit of listening any more to what the people want? Is it part of their manifesto to destroy the character of the city?

Stephen Findlay-Wilson, Salisbury