YOUR correspondent Peter Turnbull (‘Odeon fears’, Journal Postbag, December 7) took the words out of my mouth.

Not only should we be fearful of the Odeon’s chances of surviving the plans for the idea of a “cultural quarter”, but even its effect on the large stores that currently fill our town centre and keep it busy and lively.

They will be the only ones in a position to fill the new shopping complex and where will they come from? There are only so many major players in the field, and even they must be looking hard at the costs.

What is the newly and expensively revamped Market Square if not a venue for outdoor events and entertainments?

How can it be beneficial to have two centres for this in Salisbury?

Many years ago I visited Crawley town centre, where a Christmas funfair had been erected in a shopping centre in the desperate hope it would bring some added interest to a fading area of the town.

I couldn’t understand the lack of footfall, until I found the bright, new shopping centre nearby, where many of the large chain stores were re-re-located, and duplicated, presumably until they gave up the old “new” development. You can imagine the effect on the high street – it was deserted, it had been put out of business three times over.

Don’t do this to Salisbury, if you take away the cream all you will have left is coffee...and charity shops – which are great, but not quite all we need.

Do you know what would really be great – free parking for December? Waitrose car park is creaking at the seams.

Vicky Postlethwaite, Fovant