WITH my head buried in the sand, it came as a complete surprise to me that Salisbury City council has raised its precept by 69 per cent on the council tax bill.

I rang Wiltshire Council who told me that of course it was a mistake (and then rang back to say it wasn’t! What do they know?)

I was also told by a nice young man that I lived in a decent sized house and perhaps I should sell it if I couldn’t afford the tax.

I pointed out that if salaries and pensions were rising by 69 per cent pa that I would be delighted to pay it. Two of the three city councillors (Harnham ward), who are meant to be acting on my behalf, didn’t even bother to respond to my request for reasons as to the rise and I would like to know if anyone has any ideas as to how this rise can be countered.

Has anyone else queried it, raised a petition or decided not to pay? I am told that not paying your council tax is just about the most serious crime we can commit and bailiffs will be on your doorstep in two weeks.

What a lovely world we live in!

Tony Williams